Germanwings, Andreas Lubitz’s selfie: “One day everyone will know who I am”

redazione 28 marzo 2015 will show you this exclusive selfie made by Andreas Lubitz, the pilot of the Airbus A320 Germanwings.


image1 Germanwings, Andreas Lubitzs selfie: One day everyone will know who I am


How was the life of the man who caused the death of 149 people? Apparently normal because Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the Germanwing Airbus A320 that crashed in French Alps on Tuesday, was leading a quiet life, at least this is what he wanted people to think.


But then one day, according to German media, something happened: “Soon everyone will know my name”, that was his statement (that he shared with his ex girlfriend), words that now sounds like a real threat.


A close friend of Lubitz, the hostess Mary W. (26), told to German media that she worker with Andreas for 5 months last year and she apparently confirmed the words pronounced by Lubitz’s ex fiancée.


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